Liquid Sessions 007 @ COINS, Shibuya (May 31, 2012)

It has been a long time, but Liquid Sessions is back. Life has been really busy lately, but I think we can finally get into a groove here and go for the 2 releases per month.
Anyways, It was great to get back to mixing and especially with so much great music coming out recently. I really wanted to get some it out there as soon as I could. A bit of a mix, mostly newer stuff with some requested older stuff towards the end. There’s still a lot more in the crate that I wanted to play, so it will have to wait till next time.

01. DJ Clart feat. Elijah John – Love Understanding (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
02. Submatic – Losing You (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
03. Little Dragon – Little Man (Marcus Intalex Remix) [buy it @ beatport]
04. Blade – Parts of Me (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
05. Dynamic – Manhattan Love Theme (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
06. Dave Owen – Heaven Scent (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
07. Com.Dot – She Likes (Dave Owen Remix) [buy it @ beatport]
08. Eveson feat. Jo-s – Time Flows By (Original Mix) [buy it @ amazon]
09. DJ Marky & S.P.Y. – Love Affair (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
10. Dj Clart & Dave Owen – No Diggity (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
11. Rowpieces – Life Can Be So Beautiful (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
12. Motta & mSdoS – Heavenly Body (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
13. Dynamic – Make Me Feel (Shorter Version) [buy it @ beatport]
14. Atlantic Connection feat. Minds One & Noumenon – Can’t Destroy Love (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
15. Kelle & Juha feat. Olka – Barricade (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
16. Zero Gravity vs. Big L vs. Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa’s Summer Evening Marijuana (Alekai’s Bootleg Mix)
17. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Markus Intalex Remix) [buy it @ beatport]
18. Submorphics feat. Selfsays – Step In The Spot (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
19. Smote feat. Dina Eve – Pouring Rain (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
20. Roygreen & Protone – Eternal (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
21. Atlantic Connection feat. Deviant – 5′O Clock World (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
22. DuoScience – Where I’m From (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]
23. Atlantic Connection feat. Illy Emcee – Burning Blue (Original Mix) [buy it @ beatport]