Liquid Sessions 022 @ COINS, Shibuya (Aug. 2, 2013)

Finally, the long awaited next release… far too long awaited that is.
Since the last session, I’ve been all over the world due to work, which was amazing. (Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, the suburban areas, not so much) Of course, this made scheduling to get the next episode in difficult, but things are finally calming down for the time being, and I really want to get back on schedule.
If you haven’t already, check out the Liquid Tones bandcamp page, they’ve got lots of free tracks to download and enjoy.
Also, I’ll be updating my soundcloud when I come across free tracks that are worth the download.

01. Sunny Crimea – Time and Time Again (Intro Version) [get it @ juno]
02. Silence Groove – Play Out [The Cock] (Original Mix) [get it @ soundcloud]
03. Skyweep – Fall Into Love (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
04. Spastik – Headliner (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
05. Sunny Crimea – Closer (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
06. Dave Owen – Nothing But Love (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
07. Joe Nebula feat. Patricia Edwards – Top Of The World (Paul SG Remix) [get it @ juno]
08. Intelligent Manners – The Morning After Love (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
09. Command Strange feat. Iriann Joyce – Sunrise (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
10. Spastik – The Door Test (Original Mix) [get it @ beatport]
11. Dave Owen – Nocturnal (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
12. Kubiks & Lomax – Things to Come (Original Mix) [get it @ bandcamp]
13. Kool DJ GQ feat. Nosliw – Flamme (Bassface Sacha Remix) [get it @ soundcloud]
14. Spective – That Smile Of Yours (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
15. Anth M – At First Glance (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
16. Die & Jenna G – 1000 Soul Songs (Extended Dub Mix) [get it @ juno]
17. Paul SG & Decon – George Is In Town (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
18. Unkown Artist – Unknown (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
19. Alix Perez feat. Sabre & Sam Wills – The End of Us (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
20. Harvest – Keep It Real (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
21. Ivy Lab feat. Frank Carter III – Afterthought (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
22. Submorphics – Hazel Street (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
23. Intersoul & Identified – Beautiful Bird (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
24. Sunny Crimea – Tonight (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]
25. Scott Allen & Deeper Connection – Love Is The Key (Original Mix) [get it @ juno]